What is LOVE? What it is based upon and how it's gonna last longer?? The answer is, Emotions! That's everything. And that's what we saw in this Wedding!

Devika & Ajay, Mumbai meets Bhopal! A simple Maharashtrian girl found love of her life when she was working in Mumbai and Ajay was having his job training here.. But that's just not it, They both met again in US working side-by-side. And that's where it all started. Their journey wasn't that smooth. They both went to thick & thin, they been through ups & downs, And today they have conquered everything by standing next to each other and getting married!

Devika, a pretty, naughty, (Chulbuli, I will say), a typical Mumbai girl whereas Ajay, a simple, shy, charming guy from Bhopal. For him Devika's smile is everything :)

Wedding kicked off with Devika’s Mehandi. She was glowing as much as her Mehendi. She made a video call to Ajay who was travelling from Bhopal to Mumbai with his family and friends. Their interaction on the call made me realise the Love I'm about to witness for the next 3 days.

Next was Sangeet, was filled with joy, happiness and love! Everyone danced their heart out, and it was at its peak when our star couple shared their love story with everyone and then they grooved on a romantic track at The Thane Club.

This is not just a Wedding! What I saw is all the Love they both have for each other and their families. Shehnai hall was filled with Love on that day. While Kanyadaan, Devika's mother started crying and seeing her baby girl getting married & Ajay couldn't hold his tears. This is the point where everyone saw all the love for Devika in Ajay's eyes. I never witness such simple reception where our cute couple made their charm blow away every guest at the blue roof club.
Tejaswini Nandu was behind the gorgeous bridal make up.

There's one thing I must tell you about this couple. While I was clicking portraits of their, they never said 'Enough' Both of them gave their best and that made pictures come out really awesome. Devika's parents were very helpful & caring, they always asked whether we needed anything. We didn't get too much time to spend with Ajay's family but all we realise is how lucky Devika is getting married in such a simple and down to earth family.

This is a kind of Love without boundaries! Our team wishes them all the best for their future and hope they have a happily married life! Cheers!!!

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