Neerav x Kruti



Despite common belief, the best love stories don't always come from a movie or book, they involve everyday people like you and me. Sometimes two individuals happen to meet by a chance & love happens in the most unexpected way. That's exactly where it makes us believe that something like destiny exists.

Kruti wasn't too keen on the idea of arranged marriage & at times avoided every discussion regarding it. But as fate would have it, Kruti happened to meet Neerav & to her delight, Neerav wasn't fond of such arrangements either. What was supposedly a meeting from a marriage perspective, gets turned into a friendly one. Duo decides to stick together to see if there's anything more to this friendship than what meets the eye. 

Sometimes just sticking around someone puts things into perspective. Series of events followed one after another and before they knew they found themselves talking to each other all day long. With the increasing meetings, when the question arose, they realized they had already fallen in love with each other. The families undoubtedly were delighted.

The wedding was a collective affair. It was simple, elegant, just like the bride looked on the day. Thanks to Sangeeta Bridal Arts, we just couldn't stop admiring Kruti & Neerav when they were groomed. Where chemistry was at the peak, the house of Mr. Shah provided us with a colossal backdrop. Mind you, it could have put Karan Johar's movie set to shame. We didn't feel the need for any other location at all. Orchestra in the wedding definitely helped to put things into motion and kept our team going.

What caught our eye the most was the bonding amongst the family members of the duo. In fact, we are so used to seeing parents of bride & groom coming for a meeting, we were indeed surprised to see kakas & brother of Kruti turning up for every discussion. She was indeed as much of their daughter as her parent's. I don't think we've seen families actively participating in every event that a couple of themselves and mind you, the couple wasn't any lesser either. But the way families of these two have enjoyed we wouldn't have missed out on the world.

This wedding was all about bonding, emotions, roots, traditions. It wasn't just the marriage of two individuals but two families. They were all in this together. In the world, where children get separated from their parents, it was refreshing to see family as this forming such an intense bond. They could see their beloved daughter going far and they celebrated her. we are sure she has collected enough memories in her eyes that's gonna enclose this distance.

Akshay Sansare