Dileep x Neelam



The cultural heritage in India is quite rich & diverse with huge variety of marriages in different religions. We consider ourselves fortunate to have witnessed so many stories getting unfolded irrespective of boundaries. 

To talk about religion, it's a very personal thing. There's no requirement that two people who fall in love with one another have to share same religious beliefs. Rather it's all about finding someone with whom you can connect with. Someone who brings joy in your life. Who makes you feel special. Which brings me you to this couple. Dileep & Neelam. 

We often say that opposites attract but how much is an entirely different question altogether. On top of that a North Indian & a South Indian. Flashed 2 states right in front of your eyes? Exactly what this is. Neelam being the lady with the persona who oozes elegance and Dileep being the man, himself a form of serenity. Indeed a match made in heaven. Both of them being a couple of few words we actually realized that they don't need to. In fact there eyes just couldn't stop talking.

When the wedding took place under the lights at Blue Roof Resort, there were lot of questions on our minds. But with these two being there it completely skipped off our minds. When two families of different culture came together to form something new for the happiness of their children, it was truly a beautiful sight to witness. It was a pleasure to see bride being so ecstatic about getting into something new. Wedding was a quiet affair, but held it's tranquility the entire night. 

Akshay Sansare