Sagar x Aboli


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Over the past few years, we've had the privilege of capturing hundreds of couples getting married & now shooting the wedding of these two, whom I've known my entire life are getting hitched. Trust me, not everyone is as lucky as them, because not everybody gets to tie the knot with their high school sweethearts.

This one's really close to my heart, maybe because I've been a small part of their journey. Probably what caused us to be friends was that our fathers were good friends. Having spent most of our vacations going for numerous treks, having traveled places together with our families, also the times when we used to go to each other's places for days during vacations; I think that's where roots of our friendship got solidified.  'Rang De Basanti' was a big hit at that time and we all used to relate ourselves to the movie characters. Sagar was this intelligent guy and Aboli was this arty girl. We all had picturized them as the perfect couple like Madhavan & Soha. Maybe that's where the seed was sown.  

I still remember the night of our summer vacation when we were roughly 14-17 years old, It was a sleepover on my building terrace & that's where Sagar confessed his love for Aboli the first time. We all were super happy. Today more than a decade later finally these two are getting married. I couldn't have been more happier than seeing these two tying the knot. 

In the world where people choose to move on in a couple of months, I've seen them standing together strong in a long distance relationship for 12 years and that's a lot of years. I've seen these two grow together with patience, persistence, devotion towards each other. Their childhood, their teenage, their adulthood. Basically, I've seen them everywhere in each other's life. How special it is to have someone, for as long as you can remember. They haven't had it easy at all. But they fought together, they always worked it out, standing together against all odds and today they're here. I feel immensely proud to have known these two for all this while.

In their wedding, the delight I saw on the parent's faces was incomparable. It was not just the wedding of Sagar and Aboli, I saw two families who were friends for decades now turning into relatives. The happiness on their faces was overwhelming. A year ago, Aboli's mother had to face a lot of hardship due to paralysis attack. But she fought hard. She wasn't going to let go her daughter's wedding without living to its fullest. On the wedding day, not only she took part in all the rituals but at the end of the wedding she danced her heart out. She totally nailed it. Isn't this what dreams are made up of? Isn't it amazing how a will to do something for the happiness of your family even surpasses science?

This wedding was my family wedding. Two of my childhood friends getting married. Seeing two of them living this moment gave all of us an inspiration that no matter what happens if your love is strong, everything works out in the end & your ship will sail through all the storms.

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