OMG what a wedding it was right from grooms barat till bidai it was total madness and every minute of it was happening. We all know that wedding is not only coming together of 2 souls but also two families. Here it was really hard to figure out which person belongs to which side because they were really together like 1 family and this made this wedding super happening.

About our super cool bride Mukti I will say that she was the heart of the wedding and her excitement of getting them all together cannot be explained in words. I have seen many couples till now with long term relationship and getting married but here I was really amazed when she told me that this is arranged marriage. She is fun loving crazy girl and also very humble and emotional too that I came to know during bidai. She was full of emotions in every moment, may it be happy or a crazy moment. About our charming groom Ojas he is complete other side of the pole and kinda partner which every girl will look for. A super calm and quiet person. This saying really applies to em " opposite attract". We were on our toes the entire time as there wasn’t a moment which was not happening or meaningful in the two days that were capturing their wedding at the wonderful Treasure Island, Lonavala.  In fact I was so pumped up that literally I started to write about them on our return journey for this crazy wedding.

Thanks to make-up artist makeovers_by_drashti who made our beautiful Mukti look adorable.

I am sure you’ll witnessed the craziness we experienced in the TEASER FILM above. Here are some super expressive images from the wedding. Do follow us on Instagram to check out more of our work @weddingsby_AkshaySansare

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