Yash x Shreya



This time our destination was Kolkata, what a city! As soon as we got down at Dum Dum airport, we were welcomed by the iconic Yellow taxis and Bangla sweets. Places like Howrah Bridge on Hooghly river, it was chaotic but so lively to get a wow at each glance. The hand pulling rickshaws, the honk of Kolkata trams took us back into the classic era. The marble of Victoria Memorial was lustered by the white light of Sun while Howrah Railway Station was glittering in the Yellow-White light recreating the Victorian era.

The 4-day Wedding Carnival #ShreSaidYass was beautifully managed by KraftedKnots. It started with Yash's Mehendi.  Followed by Sufiyana Shaam at the grand red stoned Hyatt Regency where the HumSufi band performed exceptionally well by touching our souls. The HumSufi band had this amazing talent of merging Folk, Rock & Sufi music together, which they call it 'SUFUSION'. They indeed rocked the party.

The next 2 days the party continued at The Westin. After Mayra function, it was a rocking Sangeet where Yash and his Sahelias performance dazzled the dance floor with guests applauding till the fall of the sky. Shreya's performance was as elegant as she was. Shreya's father was one of the coolest fathers we've come across. His 'dance moves' not only created a lot of flexibility in the waists of 'Senior Citizens' but also inspired the youngsters to shake their legs. 

Next morning, Yash's friends turned simple 'Haldi' ceremony into 'Manchurian' ceremony. As soon as his family got off the stage, Yash's friends grabbed him & showered him with oil, Manchurian gravy, some other mysterious liquids and what not. Everyone was like sorry Yash but you are welcome :D. I am sure you have got glimpses of that in the teaser above. 

Yash's Barat was started on the tunes of Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Yash walked towards P.C. Chandra lawns to take his bride, & the testimony of marriage was under the light of moon and stars. They two made their way to the mandap as family and friends around were showering them with love and blessings. This amazing wedding we witnessed was filled with laughter, tears, love fun & a lot of moments full of joy.

Yash & Shreya, it was so much fun while shooting with you two. While spending all this time together starting from the 3-day long pre-wedding shoot to the 4-day long wedding, I strongly feel you two are one of the cutest couples we have ever worked with. Especially the innocence you two carry along with the elegance! Every time I pressed that shutter button it was an AWW feeling for me. Cheers to the new beginning with lots of love  :)

Akshay Sansare