Wohhh ! What a wedding we just witnessed ! #IdliWedsDhokla

Priyanka x Sushank ! What can I say about these two, every time I look at them all I feel is how one can find a partner the way they have found each other. From day one when they dropped by in office, till the last minute of Reception function I was awed each instance they were in front of me. If you know them two in person, you will not find this as an over exaggeration. From the smallest things like Priyanka’s phone ringtone is a song he sang for her, To every time she will call him with cute names but while adding ‘AAP’ ( a hindi word used for addressing someone with respect. ) And Sushank ! I am so so sure, that He is a DREAM BOY for all the girls out there. ( by the way SORRY girls, he’s off the market ). Just take a look at all the pictures below and you will see the love in his eyes when he looks at her. He is always there for her, in his presence I am so sure that she won’t ever have to ask for anything. He always has his eyes on her, if she needs something. She just has to feel it and he’ll know it.

Such pairs are truly made in heaven. We were so glad we got a chance to document their story. Because for us it’s not really about how big the wedding is or how grand the location is. What motivates us to do better than yesterday is the couple, their connection & their families. The beautiful wedding make up was done by Varsha Tilokani.

Priyanka & Sushank , We wish you two all the happiness in the world :) Cheers to your new beginning !

Here are some of the best pictures from their portrait session & the wedding day.
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Akshay Sansare