I have shot many weddings where there are two different cultures merging together. For the first time I or maybe every guest in the wedding witnessed how three different cultures came together to celebrate the union of this beautiful couple. It was like seeing half the culture from the entire country coming together. Bengali, Gujarati and Maharashtrian vibes, maybe the best cocktail ever.

What can I say about Kunal, he is a handsome, charming, totally focused, super loving man ( I’m sure nothing less would have worked to impress Shrutika :P ). Talking about Shrutika, she is an extremely beautiful individual not just by her appearance but also with her heart. She looked super stunning in all her attires. We couldn’t have asked for anything more from her perfect bridal look, it was mind blowing. I am sure the reason behind Kunal’s constant smile in the mandap was Her :). The kind of love and affection they had towards me and the entire team made us feel like part of their family. Everything we did, wouldn't have been this awesome without being able to feel like one of their own. Thank you Kunal & Shrutika for making us feel at home.

Both the families were super loving and caring. Kunal’s father, he is someone who’ll create a place in your heart in one meeting effortlessly, ALSO the youngest individual to attend the wedding by Heart & Sprit. I am not sure if I should mention this in the wedding blog, but it’s about the family and weddings are about families. So in first meeting he saw me sneezing awfully, I’ve a 24/7 bad sinus problem. That's when he recommended me to one of his doctor, took appointment for me and took me to him personally. Like who does this in today’s world. On top of that he is extremely jolly and super fit. So is Shrutika’s family. Every event her father made sure that we have eaten properly. I must have told both of them so many times that you two are really blessed to have such a super cool, loving, caring family.

All the pictures & the films wouldn’t have been what it is, without such energetic families who loves each other (& everyone) with all their heart. The beautiful locations like Blue Roof & RR Sabhagriha added the cherry on top. Thank you once again, to both the families for having us. Looking forward to see all of you again.

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Akshay Sansare