Aniket x Neeta



Sitting on my window having a sip of chai, gazing into the nothingness & I'm laughing, Hysterically. That was the magnitude of last baraat.

Every time I write something I want to start off with something slow and then build wisely. But this wedding? No way. It would be so unfair to Aniket & Neeta if I start going down that road.

Coming back to baraat. Bunch of 30-40 people were dancing with absolute madness. As Aniket's sister raised the bar with her tremendous energy leading from front, Aniket & Neeta couldn't restrict themselves from applauding & throwing a move or two of their own on their glistening chariot. The crowd had no intention of stopping at any moment as the firecrackers in the background were applauding continuously. Starting from Haldi, Aniket's family made sure we were involved in each and every function. Not just us, but every other person that was present there, was part of their family. 

Sangeet at Dombivli Gymkhana took place under the lights as Aniket's mom commenced the evening with her melodious voice. We just couldn't thank Tejas Thakkar's Rhythmriders as Dance performances kept pouring one after another with their stellar display of choreography. Everyone in the room was grooving throughout the evening. Aniket's dad was the happiest man in the room as his smile never faded one bit throughout the evening. Aniket & Neeta were on the top of the world. Everything that they had planned was finally taking place. Dwivedi and Joshi family had every reason to celebrate as anchoring by Shreyas Patkar hit the roof.

On the grandest stage of their lives, as tutari echoed in the background, Aniket set his foot in the hall to the tune of Albela Sajan Aayo Re. Neeta matched every bit of elegance with Aniket as she made her entrance in Doli having every head in the room turn in her direction. This prestigious event which took place at Horizon Banquet in Dombivli had a large number of Hastis from political background, who took time off their busy schedule just to bless the couple.

The cozy reception at Renaissance gave perfect closure to this grandeur of festival. The admiration and warmth by and amongst the two families was amazing to witness. Siblings of Neeta had tears of happiness as they bid adieu to their lovely sister as she made her way with Aniket.  Mr. & Mrs. Dwivedi were content seeing their daughter stepping into this new world of her's with a twinkle in her eyes and they just couldn't ask for anything else.

As, I'm putting down the cup, taking the last sip of chai, I couldn't thank Mr. Joshi enough, having given this opportunity to capture these amazing moments that lasted 5 days and pumped us with the energy to look forward in future.

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