Sharmishta x Sukumar



"I think she's perfect. When I was dating her she was perfect girlfriend. She's perfect fiance. I'm sure she's gonna be the perfect wife. Perfect friend. Perfect companion. She's everything I could have ever asked for. Perfect." quoted Sukumar when we asked him about Sharmishta.

Going by the classic textbook of an arranged marriage there wasn't supposed to be anything like this. But now, here we are, an year and half since the first time they were introduced by their parents. Thanks to the top Wedding portal in India like Bharat Matrimony, it all got started. Sukumar & Sharmishta were both studying for Masters in US when this happened. After getting introduced, they spent best part of  first month getting to know each other before Sukumar flew to meet her the first time. As the messages, facetime, meetings were increasing, they cultivated this friendship over time & post couple of months when Sukumar proposed to her as the  Eiffel Tower was sparkling in the background. She was over the moon. And why wouldn't she? Being the secretly dreamy girl she was and having everything at her feet in the best possible way. Sharmishta immediately agreed to take this forward.

Located on the banks of the Vishwamitri river, the two days wedding affair took place in Vadodara, India. The Classic Bengali wedding was perfect amalgamation of traditional & modern with Best Candid Photographers in Mumbai making sure they don't miss even an eyeblink. Being a daughter of Wing commander. Like him, Sharmishta was disciple of time. Having said that, this never came in between the amount of fun we've had in two days. As we're writing this blog for you now, Ulu Dhwani ( The Bengali custom of ululating, done to ward off evil spirits, it is also done as a signal for the beginning/end of important occasions and events.) still echoes and fills us with lot of enthusiasm. This bengali wedding introduced us to lot of new customs & made us want more. Haldi ceremony was filled with lot of vibrance, enthusiasm & togetherness. Age wasn't the visible factor there at all. Everyone was grooving at their feet & Yellow was visible as far as we looked. Like the Gulab Jamun there, people were extremely sweet. 

Under the lights when Wedding took place, the glimpse of her in the form of Saat Paak (The bride, usually seated on a low wooden stool called pidi is lifted by her brothers and is taken round the groom in seven complete circles. The significance is they are winded up securely to each other.) lit up the whole place and filled with the sound of Ululation. Just when the paan leaves were removed at the time of Subho Drishti, just like Sukumar, our team raced to capture the first look of Sharmishta. Thanks to the Omorfos Salon & Spa, Sharmishta looked absolutely gorgeous. Bindiya & her team with expertise under wraps provided the perfect look for wedding day. We just couldn't admire enough.

Fun wasn't over here. Bride & groom made sure the other would have to do lot of hardship to win over & insert garland. Mind you, it wasn't easy when both were half in the air, but gosh we had so much fun that it made us feel one among them.

This Top notch Bengali wedding at our bay filled us with lot of enthusiasm & positive energy. Introduction to new ceremonies was overwhelming. In fact we were so happy that our overnight journey to Mumbai was spent recalling incidents from Wedding than getting some rest.

Well, I guess it's safe to say that we cannot wait to shoot our next Bengali Wedding. We're pretty pumped up.


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