If only someone asked me to describe this couple in a single word, I’d  say friendship. You do not need to meet these people twice to know that to be true. That friendship forms the very core of their love. It’s like R.A. Salvatore writes in Passage to Dawn, “Because everything of value that we will know in this life comes from our relationships with those around us. Because there is nothing material that measures against the intangibles of love and friendship.” The immense amount of love that she harbours for him is perceptible in her eyes, and that is exactly what this teaser aims at capturing.

You know how they say that weddings are supposed to be a stressful affair and most often than not you see the bride and the groom panicky over the details... but this scene was something different all together! There was not a single ounce of stress in the room and they were just so comfortable with each other and in their own skins that it wouldn’t take a second guess to know that they were having a time of their lives. There are just so many pictures of Kavita laughing her heart out. Even in the mandap, with so many rituals on, they were so picture perfect that all I could hear from their relatives and friends was, “awwwww”.

The Portrait sessions were a different kind of entertainment altogether where Sumeet was happiest. Ask why? Kavita always had her chin up, and just for the sake of good picture, I would ask her to get her chin down. Sumeet got so fondly habituated to it that, every time before I was about to take a picture, he would lovingly poke fun at her saying, " aye, chin down chin down". I am sure it was the last time he had a chance to do that & he was making most of it :D.
P.S. SORRY, Kavita :p

None the less, it was a real pleasure working with u guys, and I wish you guys a very happy married life; full of fun, happiness and of course friendship!


Akshay SansareComment