Shreya x Akash



Igatpuri, A hill station located in the western ghats hosted us for two massive days where cold breeze touched the warmth of our hearts instantaneously. The welcome we received amidst dhol & tutari by Grand Garden Resort was overwhelming. In spite of being busy with all the preparations, Kankaria & Ostwal families made sure we haven't left out anywhere. As the day came to an end the temperature started dipping. But, that didn't stop our Bride and Groom from setting the stage on fire, maintaining the normalcy. Early morning wedding the following day didn't stop guests around either and it literally had to put to an end. Clearly, the fatigue wasn't visible.

By the time, we raced away to cover morning sessions sun had already played its part. Spreading golden cloak throughout the venue. With the Golden rays rose the golden bride, who clearly weakened Akash in the knees. With the first look, the world seemed to have vanished for both of them. This wedding was all about colors, never-ending enthusiasm and tiny details from a traditionally Marwari wedding which made us exploring more and more. Oh!!! and did I forget to mention Akash’s jijus and cousins with embarrassing Bollywood songs and advertisements. It was a never-ending affair filled with full of laughter and Thumkas.

Baraat had everyone go berserk and full of life. Even the groom on the ghodi couldn't help but dance on the beats of dhol. Such was the wedding affair that made a mark on our minds. That didn't give us clients but two friends which we're going to remember for a long long time. It was warm. It was colorful. It was Perfect. And one that definitely left that mark in our hearts through the camera.

Shreya & Akash, we got to witness the true fairytale wedding. Igatpuri was cold, but you and your family kept us warm with all love you gave. We're taking your leave now, but we'll be back with more. Till then, we're carrying these packets of memories with us. Cheers.

Akshay Sansare2 Comments