Saurabh x Manasi



We often get asked by our clients. Don't you photographers get bored of clicking same candid pictures, same rituals, similar events? And we brush it off saying how it has been our passion and how much we love treasuring moments. But thinking in the retrospect isn't this true? We do get tired of this similarity, the schedule, everything. Then what are we still doing here? What is it that keeps us aiming for the top? 

We hadn't gotten much of a rest due to jam-packed schedule of weddings this month. But as we're scrolling through these pictures, fatigue takes back seat & it really takes us back in time. 
And when we say back in time, we're literally talking years. A decade. More than that in fact. 

Manasi & Saurabh used to study in the same school since forever. Not only just them but also their entire friends circle that still sticks together with them. Hadn't it been for their blushing, teasing, it might not even have been possible or hadn't it been for Saurabh & Mansi this big family of friends wouldn't still be here. It's true that friends push us to do silliest of things and to pursue what our heart truly desires. What started in high school didn't just stop there. This matured couple even at ripe age planned their journey together and stuck to it. The vibe these two carried is something we cannot describe in words. Even the family members of the duo were like friends themselves. For sure they knew how to enjoy.

Today, as this blog we're writing. We're not gonna talk about the customs or rituals or how amazing their sangeet, wedding and reception was. Or how amazing they were looking in those attires. Cause no matter how amazing those 3 days were as functions, it was overwhelming to see two different people coming together and forming an even bigger family. And what struck our chord was, in those 3 days, we didn't feel like we were hired to do a job. We were there capturing the moments of our newly formed friends. These guys encapsulated us in their big short family with a promise of staying in touch.

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