Mehul x Janki



Oh man, where shall we start from? The number of weddings had we covered prior to this? The number of cities we had traveled to or the days we were away from home? or the fatigue? Well, pretty much all of it. Sigh. But, when we attended this extraordinary Wedding festival of Janki & Mehul spread over 3 days, it was such a breath of fresh air. Janki & Mehul are literally overflowing with poised affection & positive vibes for each other & everyone around them. The enthusiasm is what elevated the entire celebration out of the roof. 

Our excitement came from the palpable energy radiating off Janki & Mehul. The festival that started off with Mehendi wasn't anything like we had witnessed. It contained blend of different cultures. In fact, the two came grooving on the beats of Punjabi Bhangra and were rocking the dance floor until the last beat dropped. The games which were omnipresent managed to keep us on our toes throughout, because so many moments, emotions were flowing everywhere. Scenes at the Sangeet weren't any different either. Everyone just opened their heart & let us right in. The warmth of those hundreds of people around and willingness to help anytime was the reason we could capture the most amazing moments throughout the festival. 

The families were among the coolest people we had ever met. Along with welcoming every one of their guests, they made sure they were at the centre of rituals having fun. The parents constantly looked after us and made sure we were having as much as fun as they were. The makeup by Neha Thakkar was definitely one of the highlights of the wedding. The eyes glued to her at the entrance were evident. Our happiness came from all the moments and joy and the way we could see Janki & Mehul with each other. 10 Years of togetherness hadn't mellowed the flame between two. We had seen them for 3 days straight now and just could admire the amount of Love and Respect they had for each other.

Mehul & Janki, thank you! Thank you for surrounding our cameras with so many people full of life, colors and warmth. Today we're taking your leave with bag full of lovely memories and people of our own. 

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