Apurva X Sanjit



Apurva was the name Sanjit used to keep hearing stories about in his locality, every time he used to be with his best friend. He knew there's someone by the name Apurva & her time here, but that's about it. Until One day, she decided to come over & meet her old friends.

The first time Sanjit saw Apurva back in 2007, he knew he wanted to marry her. It's been 9 years since then & they're finally getting married. As clichéd as it sounds, some matches are truly made in heaven. He could already see her being part of his life even then. Apurva & Sanjit have had their fair share of ups & downs but they figured it out together. They've been with each other all these years and seen each other grow in the process. The journey from Mumbai to Toronto has been a pleasurable one.

We loved being part of this beautiful Maharashtrian wedding at Indraprastha hall. The families had the time of their lives as the couple made their vows and celebrated the beginning of their new journey. Swati made sure the bride looked her absolute best. The never-ending smile on Sanjit's face said it all. The couple was enjoying being in the spotlight and they for sure had a lot of fun. They had such a beautiful chemistry that it was a great pleasure to capture their memories together.

Presenting you our favorite moments from this Candid Mumbai Wedding.

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